A Ordinary Life

A Ordinary Life

Directed by : Gili Danon & Efrat Shalom Danon

Co-production :Trabelsi Production / Evolution Art & Film 


Two women, two friends, two leaders, fight for a home in two tragically tied countries: Germany and Israel. A moving story of solidarity in the face of cruel political and governmental realities.

Fadhumo, a native of Somalia, came to Germany and became a renowned social activist. As she tries to blend in, she encounters frequent racism and fears for her future as the extreme right's power increases. On Skype she draws hope from Helen, who escaped Eritrea to Israel and runs a center for Eritrean women. As Israel constantly attempts to deport refugees, Helen fears for her family and battles deportation. This is a tale of solidarity under cruel political realities and of women trying to find a home in Israel and Germany, two tragically tied countries, seventy years after the terrible war.