Directed by : Kai Wessel

“Cicero” is all about musical legacy and a fascinating father-son relationship especially through their understanding of music. It turns on a stunning journey towards success - marked with adventure, ups, and downs.

On the one hand side, it is the story of Eugen Cicero, an internationally acclaimed pianist for more than 3 decades. His son, Roger Cicero, reminds us of his father’s great musical talent. The documentary emphasizes two sides of Eugen Cicero: the first one is the style he innovated, with the help of his perfect and matchless piano technique combined Jazz and Classic - the other one is his way of understanding life.

It will be the kind of story starting from a piece of music that makes you wonder

What is behind? Who wrote and played it?

Roger Cicero, a well known, downright famous singer in nowadays Germany, inherited his father’s stage name together with his exceptional talent. He personates the character who takes us to Eugen Cicero’s life and career from the beginnings in early communist Romania, through his astonishing career in Germany, all over Europe and even Japan, until his unexpected death in 1997. Roger’s emotions about his father and his view will be completed by the memories of Eugen´s friends, his fellow musicians, companions, and admirers. This film isn’t only a matter of Eugen, it focuses also on Roger while he is telling us the story of his name - his background and relationship to his father included. For that reason, the film should be considered as a two-portrait documentary.

“Ciceros” is based on emotions, life facts, history, and most of all on great music. Eugen Cicero left behind a special musical inheritance that does not deserve to be buried in oblivion.